In the end the only question we need answer; "Did it sell?" We never forget that.



Your role
I run Kimberley Towers. We have an eclectic bunch of talent and my job is to build a culture where creativity is balanced by the business objectives of our clients.

What you were doing before Kimberley Towers
Working alongside and directing creative teams and learning from some great hard working business people from Directors of Multinational corporations, Public bodies and in a highly competitive retail sector. Then realising that I was already surrounded by a team I could trust to help launch this venture together.

My best day at Kimberley Towers so far
The day the final property of a very nice retirement development was sold. We'd taken on the full responsibility for the marketing and sales strategy for the development in a very depressed market. We sold the whole development of 16 bungalows within 16 months of starting. Nothing satisfies like a job well done and an appreciative client.

“Kim provided us with the volume and the quality of enquiries that helped kept our sales operation busy. Never one to sit on his laurels, he continually presented us with fresh, relevant opportunities to increase the volume of enquiries and still keep an eye on the cost and quality of the prospect.
He is quick to grasp our business objectives, flexible in his approach and his enthusiasm infectious, his contribution is always considerable."

Rosemary Duckworth, Rentokil Initial

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Marketing and sales strategies
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