Links View retirement development

links-view-panoramaInstilling belief and direction for Extra Care

Links View is a development of 59 one and two bedroomed extracare apartments set in a residential area of St.Annes on Sea. After 2 years of very few sales we were commissioned to market the properties and after 10 months or our online and local advertising Links View saw the development’s occupancy grow from 11 to 56 residents. Their difficulty in making sales lay behind a poor understanding of the sector and its requirements, confused marketing and a lack of self belief in the value of their proposition.

We became part of the sales operation implemented a new website designed to appeal to their market sector, ran a series of advertising campaigns in the right media and hosted open days, giving the audience a message that solved their problems, result!  Now there is no longer a need for advertising, Links View is self-sufficient, with a waiting list coming from personal referrals and a strong local presence, which is exactly what we where aiming for from the beginning.

Now, with a turnover exceeding £850,000 in rent and care services, Links View has gone from an expensive white elephant to a considerable asset and a valuable community resource

An area where Estate Agents are seen as the natural marketing outlet, we have shown them to be an expensive option for sales in the retirement market

As Carol Oates Sales Manager at Links View said; “Kimberley Towers made all the difference, great to work with, unobtrusive and unlike the other agencies we had interviewed they listened to our sales staff and came back with all the answers. Always coming up with something new they helped make marketing a rewarding activity.”