Ellel retirement and residential home


Marketing and sales strategy for retirement development brings sales of £3.5m

After 6 months of little interest generated by Estate Agents and the local media, we were asked by developers, Hillcroft, if we could provide them with a marketing plan to help sell their properties.

A marketing strategy is great but unless there is also an effective sales operation in place the strategy will be wasted, so we also took on responsibility for the personal sales of the properties. With a new website, online marketing and accurately targeted advertising the marketing  strategy worked a treat, providing a constant stream of well prepared ans prequalified visitors for the sales team. After 18 months this activity and the sales direction, all the properties had been sold and occupied.

The total cost for the sales and marketing of the properties was far less than the 1.5% the estate agents would have charged and more importantly they where sold well within the planned schedule the developers hoped to achieve. As John Ayrton of Hillcroft said. “Kimberley Towers was very professional, full of energy and very effective, once they became involved we had more visitors within one month than in the previous six months combined. My only regret was we didn’t use them earlier.”